Machining Services

CNC Manufacturing

Design and Manufacture

Our Machine workshop is Equipped with CNC Milling, Turning, and laser cutters, with our highly skilled staff experienced in work with Ferrous, non Ferrous metals, Super Alloys and Plastics.

Using both additive and subtractive methods to achieve the desired results.

Customer focussed

Easy to work with!


We can manufacture components from customer supplied drawings or models, if these are not available we ca model from legacy product or design and model from a  customer concept using the latest CAD software.

Laser Cutting

We can laser cut an array of materials from Stainless Steel to foam and plastics.

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CNC Machining

CNC Milling and Turning with product capacities of Milling 1200mm * 520mm * 500MM and  Turning 300mm Diameter * 400mm Long. Outside of these we have a network of reliable partners we can utilise.                                               


We can provide fully dimensioned inspection reports from our multi-axis CMM

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